Boys swim team adapts to new coach

After long time coach leaves, swimmers work hard among challenges

Melissa Wyas, Staff Reporter

A fresh face can often times help a team, by bringing a new perspective to improve strategy.  Although a new addition can pay off, it takes time to get in the groove of things. This year, the Boy’s swim team faces the challenges that come along with having a new coach. Last year, coach Andrew Morgan left the team for a position in New York. New coach Lauren Larson is taking over for Morgan, and players are adjusting to having a new coach. Junior Tyler Buchanan is keeping a positive outlook about the change.

“Having a new coach is definitely different. There’s been a lot of adjusting of us, because most of us had Coach Morgan as last year,” says Buchanan.

“My biggest hope is for each swimmer to improve their times and techniques. It’s important to know and understand each swimmer and what his needs and goals as a competitor are,” Larson says.

Larson’s determination reflects on her practice methods too. Junior Jacob Sloane is also a swim team veteran, who sees Larson’s stricter methods as a way to improve.

“Coach Larson is hard on us, but I think she’s preparing us to be the best we’ve ever been,” says Sloane.

“Practices haven’t gotten any less difficult. She has more authority during practice, and keeps everybody in check. She’s doing a good job of filling Coach Morgan’s shoes,” says Buchanan.

The boys swim team’s first meet is September 3, and the team hopes their new practice methods will pay off.