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Classroom cheer: Mrs. Sarah LaRue Happily sits and talks with students. In order to make make somebody feel loved and cherished, just listening to them and being there for them in whatever capacity they need is a great way to connect, Larue said.

Presence Over Presents

Avery Olson, Staff Reporter December 20, 2019

One of the worst feelings around this time of year is seeing the look of veiled disappointment on someone’s face when they open a present that was a miss. Out of courtesy, they’ll give you a “thanks!”...

Swimming Through Senior Night

Avery Olson, Staff Reporter October 28, 2019

On monday, the boy’s swim team participated in a time honored high school athletics tradition: senior night. The night consisted of awards, memories, and of course, swimming. Over half the team is made...

Lime Lacroix, the biggest offender to my taste buds, was unsweet and overly fizzy. Some other flavors, however, were less of a disappointment.

Lacroix: Repulsive or Revolutionary?

Avery Olson, Staff Reporter October 23, 2019

In all my experience with odd fascinations, I have never seen a more heated fixation than the faces in a room when they hear the sound of a can opening, then realizing it’s a Lacroix. I have also yet...

A match slowly loses its fire. This is symbolic of the way gifted students ambition slowly slips away over the years.

Burned Out

Avery Olson, Staff Reporter October 16, 2019

My favorite type of mail to receive as a kid was when the school district sent out my MAP test scores every June. With my advanced scores in English language arts, math, and science, my parents hailed...

A member of the team rives into the water

Diving into the season

Avery Olson, Staff reporter September 18, 2019

It’s been a busy season for the boy’s swim team so far, with a meet against SLUH on September 6th, and a meet last Wednesday, where they went up against John Burroughs in Ladue.  Friday’s meet...

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