College or career?

College or career?

Everything has always been college, college, college, but they never say how or if there are other options
Whitney Klein and Ruthann Kimbrel December 24, 2018

Senior Whitney Klein laughs along with friends in her graduation gown. Taken on her last day of high school, the image contains an array of emotions.

Dear Seniors

Whitney Klein gives her advice to future seniors in her last few days of high school
Whitney Klein, Social Media editor December 21, 2018

Piles of homework. Grades dropping lower in the alphabet. The end of the semester looms near. Final reviews stacking up. They say you learned this, but you have no idea. The days lull together, sleep lessens....

Too much energy

Too much energy

People may think energy drinks are their saving grace, but do they know the real effects?
Whitney Klein, Social Media editor December 16, 2018

Early morning battle

Early morning battle

To stay awake or not to stay awake
Craig Eddy, Entertain editor December 7, 2018

The latest comic by Craig Eddy. It shows most students' struggle when attempting to get up in the morning for school. Only one question: Will they win the war or will the idea of a warm bed and full rest...

Student lot struggle

Student lot struggle

When the final bell of the day rings, take cover
Craig Eddy, Entertain editor November 9, 2018

Every day, following the last bell, students tear from their classrooms towards the student parking lot. With no regard for others, they take down anyone in their path. Beware the student driver, for you...

Smoked out

Smoked out

The hot new thing could be detrimental to your health
Whitney Klein, Social Media Editor November 6, 2018

Juuls are the latest “cool” thing with today’s youth. They’re small, easy to conceal, could almost be mistaken for flash drives, and they get you a “nic buzz” fast. But what...

On Board with brownies

On Board with brownies

Brownies with the Board event to give community a chance for one-on-ones with Francis Howell board members
Whitney Klein, Social Media Editor October 24, 2018

Tuesday, October 23rd. The Francis Howell Board of Education came together within the Howell Central Learning Commons. Their purpose? To greet the people as members of the community. The very first Brownies...

Senior Color Guard member Michael Foley leaps into their air. The routine for

Competition of Champions

Spartan Regiment members reminisce about the events of their victory this past weekend and contemplate what they can do for even better results moving forward
Whitney Klein and Kana Chung September 25, 2018

Sixteen schools. Three divisions. One goal. September 22nd: The Spartan Regiment placed sixth overall, along with several other accomplishments, in their division at the Lafayette Contest of Champions....

Loss then recovery

Loss then recovery

Recovering from a 5th place result, the Spartan Regiment is empowered to push forward and improve
Kierigan McEvoy, Kana Chung, and Whitney Klein September 17, 2018

Saturday, September 8th, the Spartan Regiment woke up ready and determined to face their first competition of the season. The MEMC O’Fallon Township Competition in O’Fallon, IL hosted the Spartan Regiment...

Theatre kids preparing for rehearsal by doing improv. At this time, their director Ms. Stallard is meeting with her crew heads and directors to make sure the show is going well.

Blocking and lines

Spotlight players tell about the current state of the fall play
Whitney Klein and Kana Chung September 10, 2018

Brooklyn in the 1940s. A Victorian house. And a family of elderly people. All components of what will be an amazing play come this fall. The Spotlight players are working hard to bring to life the work...

Swimmer Michael Yu poses for a headshot after giving an interview on what's new with Boys Swim.

Pressure in the pool

Boys Swim had their first swim meet August 29th against Wentzville Liberty.

Francis Howell Central Boys Swim and Dive team underwent their first meet August 29th against Wentzville Liberty. With new teammates, there was an immense amount of pressure  on the swim members. Walking...

Truth in journalism

The fear of the people turns journalism into an enemy.
Whitney Klein, Social Media Editor August 16, 2018

Woodward and Bernstein. Cronkite. Murrow. Wells. These names, unfamiliar to most, are of the highest importance to young journalists. They are the inspiration to those who truly want only to report news;...

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