The flip of a coin

When I look at Izzie now, I can’t help but get mesmerized by how much she has changed over the years.

Izzie is not just my sweet little sister anymore. She is becoming our big girl and she knows that full well.

One way she expresses that she knows this is by yelling at us all the time that she’s “a big girl!”

Someone will call her babydoll or something along those lines and she will full on yell at them that no, she’s a big girl.

This little girl refuses to be seen as a baby. Even if someone isn’t even talking to her.

One day my mom was talking to me about senior things and said, “Awe my baby girl is growing up so fast..”

Next thing we know, Izzie is yelling at mom that she’s not a baby, she’s a big girl!

My mom couldn’t help but bust up laughing at that because it was so random and wasn’t even directed at her, yet she still yelled.

Although I sit here telling you about how Izzie is a big girl and makes everyone know that, she still has times where she doesn’t do her big girl things.

Izzie will be told to go sit on the potty, or put her shoes on, or just do a simple task we all know she already does without trouble. However, she sometimes acts like she’s never been taught that task.

One day she was playing in the living room and I realized she had turned it into a mosh pit of toys yet again. In realizing this, I asked her to clean them up. She then looked at me and told me she was too little to clean by herself and that she didn’t know how to.

I had to try extremely hard to not start bursting with laughter at that remark. I also had to keep myself calm cause I was pretty annoyed with that response at the same time.

There’s times where I question whether she really doesn’t know/remember something or if she’s just being a normal “I don’t want to do this” three-year-old like we all think she is.

Except on a completely different plate, Izzie tries to do things we all know she’s too little to do. For example, the dishes.

Izzie constantly tries to steal my spot at the sink and take over the dishes. I think Izzie mainly just likes the dishes for the bubbles because she always gets excited at them.

Another thing she tries to do all on her own is make herself a PB & J. She is obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which means she asks us to make them almost every day. So, she sees us making them for her all of the time.

One day she decided to jump up on her stool and start trying to make her own sandwich when mom had turned around for a second.

It was adorable at first. Then she decided to give our dog Caesar some peanut butter like mom and sissy do, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that she then tried to put the dog saliva covered knife into the peanut butter jar…

Mom jumped on top of that quicker than a Venus fly trap snatches up a fly. None of us wanted that little something extra in our peanut butter.

However, Izzie didn’t understand this. She thought mom was just taking the knife away from her and got all upset about it.

It’s a roller coaster with Izzie, if I haven’t made that too known yet. One second she’s fine, the next she’s having a break down.

For example, we were picking up Derick in the morning so he could go with us to my uncle’s soccer game.

When we pulled up, I got out of the car to go knock on his front door. But he didn’t follow me straight to the car because he had to take the trash to the dumpster.

Well, Izzie had seen that Derick walked away from the car instead of coming straight to it. She, no joke, started crying so hard that she started to cough.

That was a definite sign as to how Izzie will be fine one second and then do a complete 180 the next. Also a sign of how obsessed she is with Derick.

I honestly hope these flip-flop feelings will cool down as she gets older because if they don’t, then we’ll have two girls with flip-flop feelings in this family and that’s not necessarily a fun thing….especially because those two girls are sisters.