Art Club’s first meeting is a success

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter

On Saturday, Sept. 27th, eager students and parents gathered outside studio 243 in the art hallway, awaiting entrance into the first meeting of Art Club. This was the first time since the new plans for the club were in place and students were not disappointed.

Junior Brianna Shatto was one of those eager students and decided to bring her mother along to the festival with her.

According to Shatto, her mother always loved art and wished to pursue it, but didn’t for the lack of confidence that she would be able to do it. Coming from the hectic adult life, she never found time until Art Club head Mrs. Judy Switzer opened the doors for anyone to participate.

“I think it’s lovely when a student and parent can make art together. It really hit me hard,” Mrs. Switzer said.

Junior Elise Wantling was also at the first meeting and plans on going back, being a returning member of the club from last year.

“Mrs. Switzer is running it a lot different and I like it. Getting to meet on weekends and work on a project instead of just painting around the school is a major plus,” Wantling said.

The students focused on zen doodling, a meditative form of doodling in order to relieve stress. According to Mrs. Switzer, the love of zen doodling came out of boredom.

“Whenever I’d travel or would be sitting in a waiting room, I’d just doodle and it really helped calm me down when life was getting crazy,” Mrs. Switzer said.

This form is something the students caught on nicely to, according to Mrs. Switzer.

“I really can get my stress out when I just sit and focus on what I’m doing, even if I don’t have goal, I can kind of get wrapped up in it,” Shatto said.

The new club format contrasts nicely to National Art Honor Society, according to students who attended the first meeting. Mrs. Switzer planned the weekend schedule in order to kill competition for the clubs and open it up to students to join both if they would like.

“I was in NAHS last year and this is a lot more laid back. A place where we can sit and just work for hours,” Shatto said.

The next Art Club meeting is on Oct. 5th from 10-3 and many students are bringing their friends and family to come try it out.