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    Royce discusses why one should not wait to get involved while in highschool

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    A Special Week
    December 10, 2014

    This summer I volunteered at Winshape Camps for Communities for a total approximate time of 55 hours over a period of 5 days. A team of trained college students, known as staffers, traveled around the country and ran a camp for a week in various locations. It was one of the best experiences of my life, but on the second day of this camp, I did not feel that way.

    In this camp, kids travel around in teams of 10 or so, to stimulating activities throughout their day. I was volunteering with the Shark team on day one, and my attention was drawn to a girl who was drawn into herself. She stared at the ground during most any time when social interaction was required and was just the picture of a scared little girl. But in the last few hours of the day, this girl came to life. Her chatter box was wide open and she clung to me like a younger sister.

    The next day I was moved to a different group.

    The only thing I could ponder that night were possible reasons for moving me. I understand how my new group needed a volunteer, but why would God have me connect with children for 10 hours and then rip me away? I could not fathom it. Then I realized that the staffers had to do something similar themselves. They spend everyday of a week sharing love and good times with volunteers and children only to leave them for another location-likely to never see them again. At the end of their summer, these staffers would go back to their respective colleges across the United States-likely to never see them again.

    If I wanted to really generalize a truth, I would say that this life is a series of comings and goings. When I graduate this year, God willing, there are people who I may never see again for the rest of my life. It is a scary thought initially. To know that the people surrounding you, some closer than others, have the very real potential to leave your life, forever. Yet, while in this mind set, while aware of every numbered moment, we can choose to truly enjoy our lives to the fullest.

    The first choice is safe. You guard yourself and prevent any attachments from developing. You take the easy path more traveled and do not get involved. You are not going to lose anything at graduation. As you just pass through, you are safe.

    The second choice is obviously different. You still guard yourself, yet you let down your guard of your personality or your schedule to get involved. You form those bonds of friendships. Come graduation, you will have gained skills that will help you accomplish and enjoy life better. More importantly, you will have gained a priceless experience.

    Never again will a time like highschool come where you have the opportunity to become involved with things in such a way. Well, college is an option, but why wait? One of the most common regrets I hear from seniors is that they got involved with school too late, and by “involved with school,” I am referring to academics and extracurriculars.

    In conclusion, getting involved in school, and eventually aspects of society as a whole, provides enjoyable experiences that enable us to make the most of our limited time here on earth. As the Greek goddess of victory once said, “Just do it!”

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