Not so level headed

Now that Izzie is becoming old enough to play the Wii, she has become obsessed with playing Mario Kart.

Izzie constantly asks to play Mario Kart and she always has to use the Wii wheel with it.

At first it was cute when she tried to play it. However, I now can’t watch her play it for a few reasons.

Reason one: this little girl absolutely loves driving in circles. Loves. It. She does it every time she plays on any map.

Reason two: she clicks the A button rapidly for the rear view. So the screen continuously flicks between front and rear view and just, no. It gives me a headache, so I can’t watch it.

Finally, reason three: she never holds the wheel right. I get that this is a tiny little thing to get annoyed by, but I just can’t help but get annoyed. Especially because we have all showed her how to hold it multiple times.

Granted there’s reasons I can’t WATCH her, it’s funny listening to her play.

Izzie will start yelling no when something she doesn’t want to happen starts happening.

She also yells at the game just because. It’s adorable. And I know where she gets it from: me. I am vocal when frustrated and she’s starting to be like that too.

Izzie will yell when she gets the bullet that helps you catch up to the other racers because she thinks it is a bad thing.

There was one time when she was playing that she got so frustrated, she slammed the controller on the ground. It was adorable while also bad. We all tried so hard not to laugh because her frustrated face is just too cute.

One down side to the fact that Izzie is at the age to mimic us is that she aaaalways mimics us. So now she’s mimicking words and phrases we or other people have said around her before.

For instance, she has used the phrase “this is stupid” a few times. Not the worst thing, but also not the best thing.

She just used the phrase yesterday morning while trying to put her shoes on. She couldn’t get it at first, so she decided to call it stupid.

Mom’s not too pleased with her saying that or the fact that Izzie’s such a sponge when it comes to “bad words” and phrases…

I mean, every little kid reaches that point where they start to soak up things that people say and do, that’s normal. But this little girl picks up e-ver-y thing. No matter how the word is perceived, she will eventually remember it and say it at some point.

Thinking of this, I slightly sit here laughing to myself because my parents will have to continue dealing with her sponginess after I move away. I hope they have fun with that…