Student council welcomes new members

Students find StuCo to be an easy way to stay involved

Michayla Pordea, Staff Reporter

As the wide doors open, a flood of teenagers rush in. A scary and new world called high school is revealed for the first time to the newest members. Some freshmen are more prepared for the journey than others, but it’s a new adventure for each and every one of them. Student Council has provided a fun and comfortable environment for students seeking to get involved and meet new people.

Junior Beth Weirich, a very involved member who hopes to become an officer her senior year, reminisces to the beginning of her freshman year in StuCo.

“When I first came to the school, I didn’t know anybody so I joined StuCo because I wanted to make friends, as cliche as that sounds, and I wanted to be involved. It also looks good on college resumes,” said Weirich.

With many events to plan, freshmen get a chance to have a behind the scenes look at school sponsored activities like Homecoming, Blood Drives, and even Prom.

Freshman Talia Thambyrajah, was an active member of Student Council in middle school and chose to join StuCo in high school as well. She found that when it comes to being involved and making decisions, it doesn’t matter what grade you are in. Every voice is heard.

“In high school you do a lot more hands-on activities. I think that freshman have a say in things, because they can also be on the board for Student Council,” said Thambyrajah.

A new school can be intimidating, and balancing a healthy social life along with school work is definitely a hard task for any student. StuCo helps by giving students a fun environment where they can work on creative and beneficial projects with their peers.

“I like the atmosphere and the people. I love the officers. They are really nice and supportive and very organized and they work with us,” said Thambyrajah. “At Homecoming, we had groups and we got to work with all of them.”

However, you don’t need to be a freshman to find friendly faces in StuCo. Sophomore Natalie Green found that joining StuCo her sophomore year has a been a fun experience and a great way to be more active in school activities.

“Student Council is another way to get involved. Setting up for Homecoming was very fun and I wanted to do more stuff like that,” said Green.

Whether you’re a freshman searching for a way to be active, or a junior hoping to find a leadership position, Student Council provides a friendly and welcoming environment to all who want to join.