Jake Roach, Staff Reporter


If you’ve joined the PC master race (you totally should, see here: then you’ve undoubtly heard of Steam, the platform base for PC gaming. On the weekend of October 17th, Steam held it’s first free weekend weekend. Yes I did mean to put weekend twice.

Steam holds free weekend about every other week, of course it varies, but that’s generally how it goes down. These weekends allow the complete free download of a game (or two) for the weekend and then a considerable discount at the end of the weekend. The customer of course can’t keep these games, but it’s a great way to get games out there.

What made this past weekend so special was the fact that there was a whopping ten games free for the weekend. Actually, there was ten advertised as free, but there was actually about 15 free games, some of which were free to keep forever.

One of the games was “Payday: The Heist”, a game in which you play one of four heistmen and rob various places. The focus is to play online with 3 friends and devise different plans to take on a heist. Maybe guard an armored transport with heavy firepower, or intimidate a jewelry store owner into opening his safe without anyone knowing.

I downloaded it and played for about an hour before realizing that “Payday 2” was on sale and free to play all weekend and after my hour long venture I knew I needed it.

Before I continue, let me give a little bit of perspective. I’ve owned Payday for a total of 72 hours, 22 of which were spent playing it. This game is incredible. That’s the bottom line. Countless times, I’ve binged on going online to hit the cartel with complete strangers or going into a local bank and emptying the vault and safety deposit boxes without an alert to the police.

For those who may not understand why this sort of thing could be entertaining and view it as morbid, I understand. This game plays on the natural human thoughts of doing something virtual that we could never do in real life. This particular title is a little closer to reality since stuff like that has happened, but who hasn’t wished they could be in “Heat”?

Payday does get intense though. It gets really intense. My buddy and I were screaming at the top of lungs on a couple heists. The gameplay is anxiety inducing, especially during a stealth heist. I can’t tell how many times I had wipe my hands off from sweaty palms.

I love this game, and if it sounds even a little cool, then I suggest you pick it up. It’s incredible, addicting, and a thrill to play.

If anyone does pick it up, shoot me a request on Steam and we’ll heist together.

Steam ID: poolbuddy