Apple or Android? Release of new iPhone stirs debate

Ability to personalize Android devices gives them an edge over new iPhone


MCT Campus

The September release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus saw a flood of new sales of Apple’s new mobile device.

Devin Williams, Staff reporter

With the release of the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus on Sept. 19, people have been talking non-stop and going to extreme lengths to get the new iPhone, like standing in line for hours. the consistent debate, as old as smart phones themselves, has resurfaced, comparing Apple’s newest model to some of the top phones that run Android.

The debate over which type of phone is better between Apples iPhone and Android phones can come down to sheer preference. Many people enjoy the simplicity of the iPhone, whereas others would say that it’s too simple to the point that it is bland and boring, which is why they choose to go with an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S5. People like senior, Jared Hanisch don’t see what the big deal is over the iPhone because they are completely for android.

“I like my Android because I can make it completely my own, for example I have my phones clock set up in binary code, whereas every single iPhone has the same design all the way through. I like that I can throw my own personal flair into my phone outside of just a case,” said Hanisch.

A lot of people believe that simplicity is best when it comes to phones simply because they don’t think all the fancy, additional components are necessary.

“As long as I can personalize my lock screens, I’m good to go! I’m not one for overly fancy and complicated designs. The more simple the better in my opinion,” senior Madi Door said when asked why she prefers the iPhone over Android.

Another point people make is that they say it’s easier to navigate through an iPhone simply because there are less random, unnecessary features, like weather widgets, social widgets to get lost in, so finding things is much easier.

“I prefer iPhone over Android because I feel like they are easier to use in terms of finding what I’m looking for,” senior Brooke Slivinski said.

A lot of people complain that the iPhone experience is too generic in general, always having the same features.

“Though I currently own an iPhone, I prefer Android because they have better options to download widgets to personalize your experience so that it works best and is most convenient for you,” said senior Anthony Cruz.