Video Game High School

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter


Wouldn’t it be a great thing if Video Game High School (VGHS) existed? Pizza in vending machines, national FPS (first-person shooter) championships, it’d be a beautiful thing. For those of you who don’t know VGHS is an online web show about a world where playing video games is the popular thing to do. Slacking and gaming are promoted and accepted.

They show just entered its third season and if you haven’t seen the first two seasons, go watch them for free on YouTube, and come back. However, the third season did just debut and three episodes in, I’m here to weigh in on it.

The beginning of the season shows the main character, Brian D, still parted from his best friend Ted. He is the star assault player of the FPS team and dating Ms. Jenny Matrix, who is the head sniper of the same team.

The first episode serves as a nice reintroduction back into the show with the FPS season in full swing. The competition is between VGHS and Napalm High School for the FPS title. In parallel, Ted’s girlfriend, Ki, is running for class president against the rich brother of the head of Napalm’s FPS team. Between the FPS competition and the run for class president, the showdown between the schools is apparent, and this episode captures some complex issues in a simple and funny manner.

I can’t say the same for the second episode, as there wasn’t a whole lot as far as the main plot goes. The episode mostly consists of a subplot involving prom with a little bit of character development in between. The first episode sets up a huge problem, and while it is talked about the episode, it feels like it’s jumping from scene-to-scene in order to fill time. The only big development is based on Ki firing the head of her campaign after he partook in some dirty work in order to frame the opposing candidate.

The third episode develops the core plot further from the first episode. Election day is right around the corner, and the championship against Napalm is coming up. Jenny’s mother is pushing to win Jenny a spot on the French FPS team, something Jenny has always dreamed of. In order to win that spot, Jenny must say goodbye to Brian. She insists on talking to Brian after the match against Napalm, over dinner. Brian, utterly confused by this request, looks to his friends for guidance on what this might entail.  They advise him that her request is going to mark a very important “milestone” in their relationship which scares Brian. This fear costs Brian the game, as he and Jenny get into an arguement mid-game which eventually leads to their break up. Ki wins the election by stuffing the ballot boxes and is ashamed, inevitably giving up her win to the other candidate.

The show is light-hearted and totally nuts, but yet achieves a deep plot, with deep characters. Everything is top notch in the show from the very first episode. Each episode is released on Mondays, and season 3 marks VGHS last season.