An eventful Halloween

Halloween Gone very scary

Halloween is meant to be filled with joy, candy, and horror movies right? For me, it was filled with fright, but not because of  the holiday. My dad was outside moving the trash can and his legs gave out.  He hit the ground chest first, bracing himself with his arm over it. My mom and I were home at the time, but didn’t know what happened till he walked back in the house. As soon as I seen his face I knew he was in pain. He could barely bend over and it was a struggle to get him to get up out of his chair.

My mom and I decided to take him to get an x ray done to make sure he didn’t fracture a rib. Luckily, the results came back today that his ribs were just badly bruised. As I was thinking about what happened yesterday, I thought about how much things are changing. The same dad that would walk me from door to door trick or treating can barely walk at all sometimes. It was just another eye opener of showing me the reality of his disease. He truly has a permanent costume, one that scares and worries me everyday.