No such thing as secrets

Ilene Holder, Staff Reporter

The big FOUR! Izzie is now four!…as of Oct. 8th.10710721_351931591631813_3800432787868063839_n

Now that she is four, she seems to think she is a little bigger than she really is. And now also feels that it is her job to tell mom and dad everything that has happened. Literally, everything.

On the 27th, my birthday, I was sitting in the living room with her and Derick watching tv while mom and dad had left to go make a library run. Well, while they were gone I ended up having a break down because I had things that were stressing me out.

It really wasn’t all that bad, it just happened. But during that time, Izzie was asking me what was wrong and was trying to comfort me just like Derick was trying to. Then, as soon as mom and dad came back to the house, the first thing she told them was what happened.

“Mom! Dad! Iween was crying!”

No “Hi,” or “Mommy!” like usual. A straight up, matter-of-fact tattle.

I love this little girl dearly, but I am not too excited about this age. Not that I’m going to do anything that will get me in trouble, I just don’t really like this stage in life or people who stay tattletales.

I don’t think she will stay a tattletale, but she sure does like letting everybody know when something has happened. Literally. Every time.

Our dog Caesar will sniff her or lick her, because that’s just what he does. Directly after he’s done, “Mom! Caesar wicked meeeeee!” (she still has some trouble with letters).

A leaf will fall down and hit her. First she will laugh, then tell us a leaf hit her.

Dad will come and poke her to mess with her, “Daddy poked me!”

Mom will take a sip out of my cup, “Iween, mommy drink your (milk/water/soda/juice)!”

It’s like this little girl can’t help but tell what’s going on no matter if it’s good or bad. On some things it’s cute, on other things it slightly annoys me. But hopefully it will just be a stage for her, not a lifestyle.