Art Club to carry on t-shirt tradition

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter

Art Club will soon be printing shirts to carry the tradition from when the school first began. The main shirt will feature the same design as previous years in order to carry on that same tradition.

Junior Brianna Shatto thinks the new shirts bring a sense of heritage to the club, bringing the students together.

“I think it’s awesome that the tradition exists, I mean it’s crazy to think that we’ll be wearing the same shirts as all the people who have graduated in the club before us, “ Shatto said.

However, this isn’t the only shirt Art Club will produce according to Art Club advisor, Mrs. Judy Switzer.

“If someone steps up and designs one, we’ll print it,” Mrs. Switzer said.

Shatto thinks everyone in the club should design one of the shirts.

“I think everyone will end up designing one,” Shatto said.

The shirts are not just a tradition, but they promote the club as well. They serve as a tool to let people know what Art Club is, and who is in it.

They are priced at $10.50 for a short sleeved shirt, in hopes that students outside of the club will purchase one. Every shirt and variation is going to be available to everyone in the school.

“The shirts are reasonable, so if someone wants one, they shouldn’t have trouble,” Shatto said.

In addition to the short sleeved shirt, Art Club is also offering long sleeve, long sleeve henley, sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt and short sleeve polo variations.

Art Club will meet again on Saturday, Nov. 15 where they will work with clay and discuss a mural that they will create in the school based around a graffiti theme.

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