A new member’s perspective

New members of this year’s Quiz Bowl team experienced their first competition this week.

Cadence Bippen, Staff reporter


Tuesday, Nov. 4, Holt High School was bustling with more scholars than normal. This marked the beginning of the competitive season for Scholar Quiz Bowl teams in the St. Charles League, and marked the beginning of any season for quite a few members of FHC’s team. Sophomore Liam Bloebaum, in particular, had a pleasant first quiz bowl experience.

“For my team, we won one and lost one. It was a pretty good game for everyone,” Said Bloebaum. His team consists mainly of new members, other than sophomore Collin King. For being so inexperienced, a win on the first day is quite the accomplishment.

“The week before, we had a scrimmage game,” explained Bloebaum, which is a non-competitive day where the scholars get a feel for the game. “In that, we lost two, because one of them was against a varsity team, but we also won one.”

Bloebaum believes that the majority of FHC’s team was not nervous, even though it was the first game and many members are new.

“I mean if they were, it wouldn’t be too nervous, since we’re really not too competitive of a school. We do it because, well, school pride. And it’s fun.”

This “do-it-for-fun” attitude is clear amongst our school’s scholars.

“I thought all the schools did well,” said Bloebaum, without a hint of insincerity.

The next event for the Scholar Quiz Bowl team will take place on Dec. 9 at Fort Zumwalt North. The students, both old and new will be preparing by studying released trivia questions from previous years, as well as having practice games at school.