Spartan softball comes to a close


As the season comes to a close, senior Haley Allen reflects on the Spartan softball team’s performance.

“The beginning was a little rough, but we’ve come a long way,” Allen said. “We improved a lot, our team chemistry was a lot better, which is why districts was so disappointing. We came all that way and lost a game we shouldn’t have.”

The game she refers to is the district tournament game against Fort Zumwalt East. What should have been an easy win turned out to the the Spartan’s shut down game.

While the end may not have been ideal, the team, especially the seniors are proud of their season. Senior Becca Stocker agrees that while the tournament didn’t go as planned, they still had a good season.

“The plan was to win districts, and its a bummer that we didn’t,” Stocker said. “But I’d say we still had a good season.”

The team had a tough season this year, facing schools that are known for their softball, like Lafayette and Warrenton, both games ending in losses for the Spartans. The much anticipated game against Francis Howell, the Spartan’s rival school, also ended in a loss. But while these may have not been victories for the Spartans, the team fought hard and played well, and definitely was proud of how they played this season.

As for next season, on the other hand, the team is going to change drastically. The team is made up mostly of seniors, so next season the team will be heavy with underclassmen with less experience.

“Losing ten seniors is really going to hurt,” Allen said. “Next year will be a rough year as the new girls all gain experience.” Allen also explains that there are plenty of talented underclassmen who have potential to bring some strength to the team. “It could go either way, really.”

Senior Alyssa Mathis thinks that next years team will need a lot of work to match the abilities of the the 2014 season.

“It will be really hard to get back to where we were last year,” Mathis said, “A lot of the players, even on varsity, are really inexperienced, so next year may not be as great.”

The Spartan softball team’s season came to a close after falling at districts, their final record was 13-13.