Not all there herself

Ilene Holder, Staff reporter

Poor Izzie has been sick with the flu for a couple of days now, but apparently that doesn’t stop her from trying to be her normal self.

The whole time she’s been sick, she has still be arguing with us. Except this time she’s arguing that she’s not sick.

To elaborate, Izzie would go to give one of us a kiss and we would tell her to kiss us on our cheek or not kiss us because she’s sick. Her immediate response every time; “I’m not sick! I’m otay!”

Then she’d proceed to argue with us about it for a good minute or two. It was adorable the first time, but then became a little aggravating in all honesty.

I feel bad for my little bug though. She’s been stuffy and groggy the whole time.

She tries to still be her normal self with her random dances and goofy quirks, but at times it’s hard for her.

Luckily, she seems to be getting better because she’s starting to have more energy like she usually does.

For example, my dad randomly said “hey monkey butt” and Izzie immediately turned around and looked at him then started to shake her butt.

Izzie also has started getting all excited about the little things again. She got excited about bubble wrap, then also got excited when our dad mentioned going to the store.

Correction, supermarket.

Ever since she started watching the cartoon Peppa Pig, we have all started calling the store the supermarket. And Izzie has just gotten us to do it more because that’s all she will call it. She never says the store.

I think that’s one thing that makes her upset about being sick; she can’t go to the supermarket or really anywhere else all that much. And that’s definitely one way that her and I are different.

I am okay with staying at home, or just somewhere in general, and laying low while I’m sick.

Izzie, on the other hand, wants to be out doing stuff all of the time. Hopefully she’ll be better soon so she can. A normal Izzie may be crazy, but a sick Izzie is even more bratty than usual.