Arete digging into more celebrations

Arete members eager to attend annual breakfast.

Anna Dillon, Staff Reporter

Arete is having it’s yearly breakfast on Nov. 21 during 2nd hour.  According to Ms. Amy Zykan, one of the sponsors for Arete, there will be 246 students attending, those of which completed the requirements for at least one pillar; exceptional GPA, participating in community service, and being involved in other after school activities.

The food and drinks that will be served at this breakfast will include biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage patties, cinnamon rolls, orange juice, and regular and decaf coffee. The sponsors of Arete are even coming up with fun ideas in addition to the breakfast.

“We would like to give out tickets for raffle prizes, although Ms. Denny, Mrs. Tedder and I haven’t decided on what those prizes would be,” Ms. Zykan said.

The student committee and sponsors will help with the setting up of the breakfast along with clean up.

Junior Katrina Krieg has been a part of Arete for two years, and attended last year’s breakfast.

“It’s fun to see everyone come together in celebration of one another,” Krieg said.