Crazy Good

Welcome to my crazy life. My name is Maddy, and my goal is to captivate you with my stories about my family, and make you apart of my life. My family is a complicated mess. I have two half sisters and brother. My parents met after they each had a daughter, in the cutest way possible. My mom moved into an apartment, right next to my sister and her mom. Cassiah, my oldest sister, told my mom that her dad could be Candy’s, my other sister, daddy too. After that my parents met, fell in love, blah blah, and then had me. The only baby, I might add, that was actually planned. When I was twelve, my mom got pregnant with my brother, oops. Jayden was born in May of 2006, making him five years old. As a senior with two older sisters, and a five year old brother who counts on me for just about everything, the stress tends to pile on.

I plan to leave for college next August, leaving everything I’ve ever known, and the one thing that keeps me going is Jayden. I’ll be four hours away at MSU, and he’ll be stuck with my mom, dad and Candy, fending for himself. My family is sincerely insane. When my mom had my brother I was forced to give up my childhood to raise him, while she went off and did her own thing. Now, as bad as that sounds it gets worse, my mom had already had children for sixteen years, but with my dad gone four days a week she decided to put the pressure of raising Jayden on me, and it was all up to me. When Jayden was four, we learned that he has aspergers, a mild form of autism. When I found this out it changed everything. When you’re put in that situation like that, the stress builds, and it’s hard to find someone you can count on, who really understands what you’re going through. Jessica Jingles, JJ for short, my best friend, is one of the few people who I feel really gets what my life is all about. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her.

This is all just a taste of what my blog is going to be about, so stay tuned for some crazy stories about my life. Crazy Good. Peace out.