Band starts year off slow and steady

As the year has begun, the band is starting to dust off its instruments and get back into the swing of things. At the moment, the main goal is just to begin practicing for future shows and for marching band, future games.

“There is nothing to report at this point. We are currently working on the new show for this year and getting ready for the first home football game, next Friday, August 26, [beginning at 7pm],” said band director Mr. Nathan Griffin.

“Well, I’m in marching band, and we have been working really hard to memorize our second movement,” said sophomore Brianna Little. “We need to get it down pat so that we are able to perform well on Friday. If we don’t, the entire performance will be clunky, and unorganized, which is not the look we are striving for.”

For the students who want to watch the band perform, or simply want to enjoy the football game, the only necessary action is purchase an activity pass and come to the school at the game’s start time. After that, Francis Howell Central will take care of you.

“We really do like it when our friends and family come to the games marching band performs at. It gives us all the feeling that we are making someone, somewhere in the stands, proud, and there is no other feeling equal to that,” said Little.