We’re all excited

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter

Steam_logo_2014During Thanksgiving break, Steam had it’s annual Autumn Sale, titled this year as the Exploration Sale. The online gaming platform had over 6,000 games on sale, with at least 5,000 of those under $10. In addition to the massive sales, Steam also had daily deals (which actually lasted two days) and flash sales for eight hours at a time.

The markdowns on games is what makes PC gamers proud, where 50% off is expected and 75%-90% off is achieved. If anyone has dared to challenge their console by reading my Kill Your Console post then you know this is a major plus to being on PC.

These sales on PC span across several platforms such as Steam, Good Ol’ Games, Amazon, and many, many more.

To provide an example, when I check my stats on my Steam library using WastedOnSteam, I found that my library was valued at about $500 total. I have 38 games in my library for which I payed $118 for. Do a little math and that comes out at about $3.10 per game, which wouldn’t be uncommon to find a game at that price on Steam.

The point is that if there was any time to switch to PC, it’s now. In the holiday season, Steam runs huge massives sales and I know there’s plenty of people out there like me who would rather play a video game then visit with relatives that are barely recognizable.

During the holidays, if a console was on your wishlist like it is for many, consider switching that wish to some PC parts, and if you do, add me on Steam and we’ll play.

Steam ID: poolbuddy