Persistence is key

Ilene Holder, Staff Reporter

One thing I love about the fact that Izzie is getting older is that she can now remember words to songs and lullabies. Granted, the words aren’t perfect (neither is the pitch), she still makes me smile when she starts to sing.

Izzie will just be sitting in the chair, playing on her tablet, then start singing some random song or lullaby that comes to mind. For example, she started to sing “Five Little Monkeys” a few days ago. She loves to sing and I love it since I’m a choir kid.

The sad thing is though that she got sick again with a bad cold Saturday morning, so now her voice is all raspy and groggy. I feel so bad for her, but she still presses forward and tries and that honestly makes me proud.

The level of persistence that one has is astonishing. Whether it is the singing while sick or any other type deal, she keeps on persisting and pursuing what she wants. Granted that doesn’t always turn out good for her…but she still tries and that makes me proud even when it’s annoying me.

Hopefully that little bug will be able to learn the right balance of persistence and patience as she continues to grow though because if she does, she will be one of the people I’ll be the most proud of.