Acappellooza Festivities get closer

In Sept. University of Missouri Saint Louis and the Ambassadors of Harmony are hosting Acappellooza, which is a Capella music festival directed towards high school men’s choirs. It is directed to get the student’s interested in singing and developing a passion for it.

“Acappellooza is a very neat to experience,” said senior Kyle Chumbley. “The whole acapellooza experience is absolutely breathtaking. You have to be there to grasp why, choir guys, are mesmerized by this program.”

Men’s Chamber Choir will be preforming the music they receive upon arrival. They learn a four part harmony and preform it that day. After each choir performs, the afternoon ends with a concert featuring a collection of the best musicians and ensembles from around the area.

“The program starts at 9:30a.m., and then you proceed to the auditorium along with 500 other guys,” said Chumbley “We then divide into our sections, bass, baritone, tenor II, and then tenor I. Later that day we perform, and then select UMSL music students perform for us.”