Premier League teams need to utilize Jan. transfer window

The Jan transfer window is in full swing, but sees little action from Premier League teams.

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Joseph Silver, Move editor

The transfer market reopened on Jan. 1 this year but hasn’t seen much action yet. I think teams like Everton, who should be much higher than twelfth place, really need to take advantage of this transfer season. Everton has really good players that aren’t performing up to snuff.

This weekend Everton played West Brom, and they controlled everything. Everything that is except the scoreboard. At the end of the first half, Everton earned a penalty kick due to former Everton player Joleon Lescott handled the ball in the box. Leighton Baines, who has only missed one penalty in his whole Premier League career, is the designated man to take it. However, Kevin Mirallas had other ideas. He took the ball from Baines, took the shot, and rang it off of the post and out of play.

This behaviour by Mirallas is why the club is falling off, fans of Everton called out on Twitter. He put his ego over the team, and by doing so was withdrawn from the match. Manager Roberto Martinez says otherwise, but there was a pretty unanimous consensus among the supporters.

Many thought that this was an act to further himself away from the club and to angle for a move this window. A lot of fans even called for his departure.

Another drama unfolding in Everton’s camp is one concerning Samuel Eto’o. From the looks of it, he’ll finish his career with Sampdoria of the Italian Serie A. Again, many fans are questioning Martinez’ decisions (or lack thereof) in this transfer window.

It sucks to be an Everton fan. One year they reach the most points they have ever had, and then the next they are four points away from relegation. There are legitimate reasons as to why they aren’t performing well though. Everton has been plagued with injuries, and their games in Europa League are on Thursday nights. Many seem to think this combination is what is killing Everton in the Premier League standings.

It seems as though Southampton took Everton’s place in my predictions way back in the beginning of the year. They sit comfortably in third place with 42 points. It still blows my mind how well they are doing. Manager Ronald Koeman has done wondrous things since their team got picked apart during the summer transfer window at the beginning of the season.

This weekend, they played Newcastle United and beat them 2-1. If they keep piling on the points as they have been, we could see them get into the title race with Manchester City and Chelsea. To think that this team, one that was in League One in 2009, could challenge the league leaders is just mind blowing to me. I don’t think any team has had a faster claim to this feat.