New year for guidance and administration


Guidance counselor Mr. Miller and guidance secretary Mrs. Lipin discuss something on the computer screen. They are preparing the schedules for next years students.

It is that time of year again, students are preparing for next school year, picking classes that they are interested in or even that they are using to prepare them for college. The deadline to enroll for 2015-16 is today, and the Guidance Office is buzzing with students trying to decide on what classes that they need to take so they can graduate with all the credits they need or even the GPA they want. Don’t worry though all counselors will be meeting with all of their students in February to discuss their schedules for next year.

“The counselors will be going over the schedules with all of their students to make any corrections, maybe go over what they need, see if they want to classes that they looked over,” administrative assistant Mrs. Lisa Lipin said.

For our administration there is buzz going around about a new way to purchase prom tickets. There is a chance that those fine sheets will no longer exist. They are trying to get a list going of only students who have fines, this will make getting prom tickets for the people that don’t have fines much easier and faster without the last minute sheet of fines to make sure are clear. This great news was brought by administrative assistant Mrs. Laura Heidenreich.

“It isn’t set in stone yet, but Dr. Arnel and administration spoke about this during our last meeting, it would just be easier for students,” Mrs. Heidenreich said .

Also some good news for the world of administration, they are working on getting an electronic sign in and sign out in the attendance office in order to make it easier and quicker for students to get in and out of the attendance office. This would help the attendance keep track of the people that came in late of left early without the hassle of the packets of the papers.

We are hoping to revamp the attendance sign in and sign out, with the electronic sign in like the guidance office has, it will make our jobs much easier,” administrative assistant Mrs. Darlena Arms said.