Freddy got what?

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Jake Roach, Voice Editor

It was a Friday night, and I was sitting alone in my room. The big plans for the weekend died a horrible death and like many, I was left staring at the wall, waiting for whatever was going to happen, to happen.This boredom brings on some interesting discoveries, not the least of which was found that night.

I decided I wanted to watch a movie and I preferred something light hearted and funny, and I’m not sure how to describe what I found. Now, before I say another word, bear in mind this title sounds very provocative, but I promise it isn’t.
I found “Freddy Got Fingered” starring, written, and directed by Tom Green. This mess wrapped as a movie served in the light of entertainment albeit at the film’s mercy.
This is a comedy that I wish I could give a plot summary to, but in all honesty, it doesn’t make much sense. The only bit that really makes sense is the fact that the main character is Gordon (Gord) Brody who is an animator who decides to travel to Hollywood to get his drawings in the hands of a big producer. He achieves this strangely early in the film, and that’s where things get weird.
Let me walk you through it. Gord comes home after having his drawings torn up by a producer back in Hollywood. After countless arguments with his father about his future, Gord reaches a breaking point when his father breaks his self-built half-pipe (a ramp). Gord then decides to accuse his father of sexually harassing his youngest son, Freddy. Despite not being true, Freddy is sent to a children’s home and Gord’s mother divorced his father and eventually marries Shaq.

I mean there’s more points, but no real plot to the story. Just kind of a story, if you could call it that. It just kind moves through, not really building to anything, really just serving as a background to insanely stupid skits.
There were a lot of terrible comedies in 2001 (when this movie released), but what I admire about “Freddy Got Fingered” is the fact that is doesn’t pretend to be anything. Other horrible comedies try to put some sort of logical story, and generally some meaningful point in the story.  There’s none of that here, it’s simply ridiculousness with a story as a backdrop.

This is a universally hated film and I think it’s because it’s simply what it is and people build it up to be something more. The film is entertaining, at the very least; it keeps someone watching. This isn’t some deep meaning satire, but does everything have to be like that? Can’t there be some sort of one off film just because?

I understand why it’s hated. It’s vulgar and stupid and ridiculous, but it has charm. It’s not serious and was never trying to be and that, in a way, is admirable, in being some form of media not being pretentious in any form and just being what it is.