Unity, fun drives Art Club members to excel

Many seniors look to leave their mark on the halls of the school during the final year. For senior members of Art Club, this year brings a chance to take their place back in Homecoming fame and recover their first place status.

“The seniors last year were really disappointed that our float didn’t win. It was their final chance and they ended up disappointed. Of course we want to win every year,” said Art Club Sponsor Mrs. Amy Roesslein.

The members of Art Club felt the Theatre Department won because of their enthusiasm and cheering during the parade.

“It’s supposed to be float contest, not a spirit contest” said Roesslein.

However, some of the seniors are just looking forward to continuing their work on the new float and not focusing on the past.

Every year we try hard, and put in all we have. It’ll be the same this year just like last year,” said senior Zachary Lund. “For me, it’s not about redemption. It’s just about having fun and enjoying the process.”

The Art Club has already begun work on its float now that the theme has been decided.

“We try to go along with whatever the theme of Homecoming is,” said Roesslein. “We decide the theme by having everyone write down ideas, and then everyone gets to vote on which they like best.”

The three-day-a-week meetings will be held at a separate building to allow full secrecy and the space needed to begin full construction. Looking forward, members have an optimistic view of their abilities.

“It’s our unity that gives us the edge against other competitors, not our abilities,” said Lund. “But as long as I’m having fun, that’s all I really care about.”