The talk about speech and debate

Mackenzie Morris answers the age-old question, what the heck is speech and debate?

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“Have no fear, it’s not too late, you can still join speech and debate!”

The signs have been posted on walls and in stairwells for what seems like forever, and yet, people are still oblivious to the fact FHC has a speech and debate team. And a good one, at that. Sophomore Mackenzie Morris has won first place in her category, storytelling, and realizes the club’s oversight. Morris explained what a typical afternoon of a member was like, for the uninformed student-body.

“We meet twice a week. Most of what we do is discuss business stuff, but we also make sure one day every week we all perform our pieces.” Categories range from humorous and dramatic interpretations to storytelling and oratories. About once a month, they participate in a competition.

“This month we’re actually going twice, to a Marquette invitational and then districts,” Morris said.

The difference between speech and debate is that they are different categories and compete at different times. Due to this, students could potentially compete in both, but speech is far more popular at FHC. “I only do speech,” Morris said, “and everyone in my team only does speech.

Evidently, given no one knows anything about the club, FHC’s speech and debate is a small group. There are ten people in it, but only three participate consistently, according to Morris.

“Some other schools need entire buses, two maybe. We rent a car.”

Nonetheless, they take that car Friday evenings and speech their hearts out. There are usually two rounds that Friday, and then the next morning the team leaves again at 7 for more rounds.

If you like to talk and/or argue, and want to get better at it, this club is definitely for you. This obscure club is anything but soft-spoken, and would love more members. Just remember, it’s not too late!