Fine Arts Festivities

The Fine Arts Festival is tonight, and there are many events and performances that will attract people.

The Fine Arts Festival, taking place tonight in the cafeteria, is a chance for students in all different activities to showcase their talents. From band performances to displayed art, this night is one that people will look forward to.

Katrina Krieg is involved in choir, and she is looking forward to this festival.

“Judging by previous years, I’m thinking it’ll go pretty well. FHC has a lot of talent,” Krieg said.

This event takes place from 6-9 p.m. in the cafeteria. The Jazz Ensemble will perform first, followed by theater, choir, wind ensemble, theater for the second time and then ending with another performance from the choir.

There are many other activities besides the performances, such as a silent auction, printmaking, drawing and painting. The Fine Arts Festival is an attraction for people of all ages, and for people who have a high interest in the arts.

“It’s a chance for all of the fine arts clubs and groups to show off their work and talent. I’ve been busy practicing choir songs, and people interested in the arts will be attracted to it,” Krieg said.

A lot of students here have high interests in the Fine Arts too, junior Dulci Hedges enjoys seeing it all going on.

“I like seeing all the people performing, it’s kind of interesting to see all the different activities and talents in our school,” Hedges said.