Fine Arts Festival rescheduled


Frank Lunatto

Jazz Ensemble performing in the front of FHC on a Friday. They won’t be able to perform at the Fine Arts Festival til May 1st due to the reschedule.

Jake Roach, Voice Editor

Due to weather conditions, the Fine Arts Festival was rescheduled to May 1 from its original Feb. 20th slot. Students from departments involved have been affected differently from the more than two month delay.

Junior Cameron Lundberg plays for the Jazz Ensemble which was slotted to play at the Fine Arts Festival. Lundberg believes the change of time ended up being for the best.

“I think the rescheduling is a good thing. It allows students to really perfect their craft before presenting it,” Lundberg said.

Students who have been slotted to perform agree that the added to prepare is well received and welcomed, but Junior  Jared Tredway thinks the change of date might interfere with other events.

“I play sports, and I don’t know if I have games, or practice, or any events going on with that in May. I think the rescheduling might cause conflicts,” Tredway said.

Tredway plays for the football team and wrestles for FHC. In addition, he plays Jazz Ensemble. Tredway expressed concerns about the festival due to large number of activities he participates in.

However, Lundberg, who plays for the basketball team and is involved in multiple AP classes, thinks the time away not only allows students to perfect their current performances, but also add on new material.

“Pushing back the date opens up the possibility to add new material to a show and make it better before showing it off at the festival,” Lundberg said.

The Fine Arts Festival will take place on May 1 from 6-9pm in the cafeteria. The event will include performances from Jazz Ensemble, Theatre, Choir, and Wind Ensemble, as well as several demonstrations from the different art programs. In addition, student and local art work will be hanging up or for sale.