Kameryn Mellor, Staff Reporter

From just one listen to a song by Girlpool, listeners are hooked.

Girlpool are an all-girl indie rock group formed in 2013. It is made up of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, and was made possible after they both quit their respective bands to fight the underrepresentation of women in music, according to Girlpool’s biography on Spotify. They self-released their debut EP, but re-released it in November 2014 after the two women were approached by Wichita Recordings, who set up a UK tour.

I recently discovered Girlpool, as they were recommended to me by a good friend, and I’d like to pass on that recommendation. They tend to have a mellow sound, but also a rock vibe. The great thing about having found them on Spotify, is that I’ve found more rad bands through them. For example, I was listening to their self-titled album the other day, and a song popped up as a ‘suggested song’ by The Aquadolls. So, thanks, Spotify!

Their music can range anywhere from mellow and low-fi to more of a pop sound with a catchy tune. The lyrics are to die for, too, if a listener isn’t already hooked by merely the sound. They touch on topics such as slut-shaming; self-love, change, falling in love, and self-acceptance, along with feminism and female empowerment.

For example, in Girlpool’s song “Jane,” the song is about a girl, Jane, fighting back against a boy, Tommy, and ends with the lyrics, “don’t ever feel imprisoned, feeling like your mouth is glued tight shut. You were born for a reason, share all your feelings, if you are a Jane, put your fist up, too.” It’s a song that displays a message about feminism and female empowerment. It’s a song that is a personal favorite of mine, and the one that got me hooked on this band in the first place.

However, contrary to the name, Girlpool, listeners don’t have to be female to truly enjoy the songs. Though Tucker and Tividad are both girls and do make songs about women and feminism, they are also more than just this one idea.

Another favorite of mine, for example, is “Plants and Worms.” The song is about accepting the world, and yourself, no matter how scary or painful it can be. It’s about facing your fears and anxieties, because, in the end, it’ll be worth it, and this is a great message to send out to listeners.

“”Plants and Worms” is about how scary life can be and just feeling afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and then realizing that’s how we grow. Being in uncomfortable situations and pushing yourself farther is how you gain strength,” Tucker said, in an interview with Hazel Cills of Rookie Mag. “It’s about how much the world has to offer, and how coming out on the other side is more rewarding than staying comfortable. Once you jump in, it’s all worthwhile.”