Surging above “Divergent”

The “Divergent” series sequel, “Insurgent,” did not dominate the box office, but dominated over the book and first movie.


Emily Herd, Editor-in-Chief

Dystopian fans and young adult book nerds brace for the second movie of the “Divergent” series: “Insurgent.” The futuristic “Hunger Games”-like movie premiered, March 20 and made $54M the first weekend in the U.S. and Canada. Although it did not beat the first movie’s record, it was highly popular and was a note-worthy movie.

When the movie released, I struggled to buy a ticket due to sold out showtimes, but managed to see it. I also recently finished the book series and rewatched the first movie in preparation. When I read “Insurgent,” I struggled immensely to finish it due to boredom and the tiresome bickering between Beatrice (Tris) and Tobias (Four). Since the first movie was divergent from the book, I was thrilled that the writers altered and added things to the plot. One of the best additions was the mysterious box that only strong “divergent” people can solve.

Although both movies had many vital changes to the plot, fans of the book series have rarely complained about the changes. To make an action-packed movie, the changes were necessary and overall helped the series. In “Insurgent,” every scene led to another action packed scene; audiences were never disappointed.

A character that truly surprised me was Peter. At first, Peter tried to kill Tris and was ruthless. In “Insurgent,” he is still ruthless, but he made the movie hilarious. I found myself laughing more when he came on the screen than any other character. Peter’s character is unanticipated, you think he is going to do something, but he does the opposite.

Another thing I really loved about this movie is the transformation of Tris. In “Divergent,” she was weak and extremely soft spoken, but in “Insurgent,” she is a strong rebellious teenager who doesn’t hold her tongue or aggression. It is intriguing Four had to control Tris and keep her from doing something that she would later regret.

Whether you are a fan of the books series or not, Insurgent is a movie that you shouldn’t miss out on.