Anticipation over as Mr. FHC is crowned

On March 27, FHC held their annual charity fundraiser, Mr. FHC. This event puts young men in a contest, and helps raise money for a charity.

Anna Dillon, Staff Reporter

Students and teachers alike came up to school on March 27th to find out the highly anticipated question for the past month, who is Mr. FHC for this school year? There was a winner for every grade, plus an overall winner. Of them included freshman Gabe Delgado, sophomore Cameron Zelei, junior TJ Buchanan, and senior Robbie Cox.  Senior Zach McKinley was crowned as Mr. FHC, winning the whole competition.

A very well known and well liked student, McKinley was excited for his win.

“I’ve always loved being involved in after school activities, so being in the running for Mr. FHC was right up my alley,” McKinley said.

In addition, there was a competition for who could sell the most tickets, “Mr. Moneybags,” which was won by Moritz Tiedemann. This charity event, fueled competition, was just like a beauty pageant, with different segments of the competition including a talent portion, and an interview. Junior Dulci Hedges was one of the people who attended and enjoyed it thoroughly.

“I thought it was entertaining! Not only was it for a good cause, it was fun and helped bring students together,” Hedges said.

The judges this year were personal finance teacher Bill Myers, Spanish teacher Ashley Wager,  genetics teacher Kim Maxwell and English teacher Christina Young. They enjoy the experience as well, as Ms. Young was a judge last year and enjoyed it so much, mentioned she wanted to do it again.

“Not only does participating in Mr. FHC give me a sense of belonging to the school, but it constantly reminds me of why I chose this career. Students are not just minions who sit in desks and earn grades. They are human beings with big voices, personalities, and talents,” Young said.