Art Club to paint new mural


Jake Roach

A mural at the top of the stairs by the art hallway. This was painted last year by Art Club.

Jake Roach, Voice Editor

Out of tradition, Art Club will be painting a mural in the hallways of FHC. While the time is uncertain at this point, the mural will likely be seen toward the end of the year. Every member of Art Club, students and others, are allowed to participate in the painting.
Among these is Art Club veteran and junior Brianna Shatto. According to Shatto, the mural will have an urban theme to it.
“It’s going to be like a brick wall with inspiring things written in graffiti on it,” Shatto said.
This theme is a departure from the murals done by Art Club in the past. Art Club leader Mrs. Judy Switzer says it’s largely due to the interests of the members of Art Club.
“A lot of students have been in printmaking in the past and graffiti and printmaking have a lot in common,” Mrs. Switzer said.
According to Mrs. Switzer, the largest issue was not what the mural will be, but where it will be located. Mrs. Switzer believes location of a piece if first priority.
“Artists need to take into consideration where art is being displayed when creating a piece,” Mrs. Switzer said.
Despite the consideration, Art Club ran into issues upon choosing a location for the piece. Mrs. Switzer believes that a mural isn’t always appropriate at certain places inside the school.
“Obviously, a school wants to reflect an image of learning, and sometimes putting art everywhere can mess with that. I mean, it can kind of become distracting,” Mrs. Switzer said.
Art Club finally decided on painting the mural on a large canvas and hanging it in the library. Despite the concept and location being decided, work on the mural does not have a clear starting date.