“The Addam’s Family” Just Around The Corner

Anna Dillon, staff reporter

With “The Addam’s Family”  fast approaching, the costumes are being put together, the characters are coming alive due to the work of the actors, and the anticipation is rising. All the crew members are working hard to put together one of theatre’s most difficult productions.

Costume crew head  senior Kara Hubecky discussed what costumes is currently working on.

“We are  making Morticia’s dress and tango dress. We are also working on interesting and unique things with her dress so you’ll have to come see the show to find out”, Hubecky said.

Another crew working hard to make the musical all it can be is props. The crew head for props and this musical being her second show  is senior Annie Ulses.

“This musical is going to be amazing! We are making interesting and intricate props such as a huge iguanodon we are going to pin to the end of Pugsley’s bed. Fingers crossed we eventually will be able to get it to move,” Ulses said.

She even went on to say,”  After contacting them, we are even borrowing props from The Muny this year, which they are even letting us keep some props. It cuts down the time we spend on making or searching for props we already need, and gives us spare time to help other sets. We are set,” Ulses said.

What’s even more exciting, the student playing Morticia, Junior Sarah McDonnell, is especially looking forward to this production, because this is her first lead role.

“It definitely is nerve-racking to be the lead role for the first time, but it’s new and exciting and I can’t wait to show people what I’m capable of,” McDonnell said.

The play will be held on April 23-25 at  7:00 p.m.