Getting a break

Fall break is over. We got used to sleeping until two and staying up until three; we went out every night, and didn’t have a care in the world. Or at least, I did. Fall break is too short. I spent most of it with JJ or working, which was fantastic. I needed time to sleep. I needed time that wasn’t dedicated to school or work. Now that school is back in swing, it feels like it’s all ending too soon. First semester will be over soon, then finals, new years, and before we know it, the last day of school, and for us seniors; graduation. Most people would expect me to be excited, and be getting senioritis, while I’m sitting over here thinking, how did I grow up so fast? Where did all of the time go? I want it to slow down; I just want to able to relax, like I did over break.

Aside from being able to sleep over break, I also got accepted into Missouri State University which means I officially have plans after high school, and now my future is becoming all too real. It’s scary—terrifying actually—the thought of being on my own without my parents to fall back on. I can’t even imagine it. I spend so much time hating my parents for everything they do that’s not fair but in reality. If I didn’t have them, I’d be nowhere. My life wouldn’t be so crazy good.