The Addams Family’s Spooky Success

Anna Dillon, Reporter

IMG_3179Zach Grau
The theatre department held its production of the highly anticipated musical “The Addams Family” on April 23-25.  The musical had such an impact that one of the actors to play one of the leading roles, senior Sarah McDonnell, is second guessing her future plans in school.

“It was an amazing opportunity I had been given to play the role of Morticia. I actually had so much fun participating in it, I’m considering doing theatre in college,” McDonnell said.

The musical was something many came to see, as on Friday the auditorium was six seats from selling out and Saturday more seats had to be brought out because of the sellout. The proud theatre director Mrs. Cori Nelson speaks out on how she feels about the musical’s success.

“On Saturday the line to get in was past the trophy case in the activities hallway, I had never seen anything like it! Not only did administration, faculty, and staff tell me it was the best show they have seen here yet,  but it was the same for the community,” said Mrs. Nelson.

The musical was not only a job well done, but also triggered a bittersweet realization, that the close knit Spotlight Players were to endure another year of losing seniors as they move on to other endeavors.

“It is sad to see the seniors leave. They’re such good friends but it’s great to see the amazing opportunities waiting for them  in college and to see how far they’ve come,” Schnarr said.  As the thought sank in more she concluded, “It’s weird because I’ve always had the seniors to look up to and keep the rest of us in line. It’s hard to imagine a show without some of my best friends,” said Schnarr.

The hard work paid off for people in theatre such as McDonnell  in the making of this musical  with standing ovations and the satisfaction that  a community of people who have an interest in theatre came together to create something so successful. McDonnell said if she could describe how she felt about the experience and being a part of the musical in one word, it would be grateful.