Teacher appreciation week: Mrs. Tedder

Math, March Madness make Mrs. Tedder shine

Lauren Nosal, Staff photographer

Mrs. Tedder has helped me excel in math, and I was available to be her TA for a semester. She has helped me become successful in calculus and has been able to make me successful.

As well as being a teacher, she is a friend’s mom and she has been my teacher the same day we were yelling at the TV because of March Madness. She has a great way of making math feel relevant and making you feel like she’s teaching to only you when you’re in her classroom.

Throughout that year, I was able to get to know her as a teacher and a person and she helped me with my school skills, as well as just helping me with becoming a better person. While I was her TA she was also up for Teacher of the Year which she ended up winning, but with it she had me edit her letter and talk about her achievements and I was shocked that she knew so much and was a part of more clubs and had coached. This was when I was able to get to know her and learned more about her and gained a lot of respect for her because to do all that and be a teacher and be apart of those clubs and the time it takes is difficult and impressive. Thank you Mrs. Tedder.