Surviving AP week

Surviving AP week may actually be bearable with some helpful tips to assist students get them through the week

Becca Abrams, Staff Reporter

AP testing may be overwhelming and the process for studying for an AP test seems time consuming and that’s simply because it is. I mean let’s be honest. Finding out that a 5 in AP physics is a seventy percent is a tad discouraging. However, just because it’s an AP test, that doesn’t mean you’re destined to fail. If you put in time and work to actually study, yes, study, then the AP exam will be a challenging breeze. This is not a test to be trifled with. They aren’t regular tests where you can not study and still do well, they are meant to test your knowledge and critical thinking. Surviving AP week may seem out of reach, but with some simple steps, you just might make it out alive.

  1. Study study study. These tests will determine whether or not you get college credit for them. Take advantage of that, especially in high school. The cost to take a college course class in high school is significantly less compared to taking the same class in college. If you do well on your AP exam, you won’t have to worry about your wallet hurting in college.
  2. Get some sleep. You don’t want to be the one kid in class who is falling asleep while they are taking their test. Don’t spend all night prior to your test, studying. Is it good to study? Absolutely; however, not during a time that will inversely affect you on your testing day.
  3. Eat breakfast. Teenagers for some reason like to skip breakfast, myself being one of them. But it is the most important meal of the day. I know, you’ve never heard that saying before.
  4. Start your day off right. Set an alarm and actually wake up at that time. Do not incessantly press the snooze button. Notice how your off days are usually the ones that end up in you waking up 10 minutes before you have to leave the house. If you wake up and allow yourself time to get ready for your day, then your brain will already be up and running.
  5. If all else fails; cry. A good cry may actually help you recollect.

All in all your score on your AP exam will reflect how you prepared for it. No, crying and praying will not result in a high score. Studying and making sure you’re ready for the exam will.