The new crew in StuCo

StuCo has had a great year, and the new officers look forward to making next year even better.

Cadence Bippen, Discover editor

While the school year is coming to an end, Stuco is just beginning. The new officers are eagerly making changes and preparing for the members of 2015-16. They are looking forward to the alterations they have in store.

“We are going to do more community service,” Junior Larissa Kite explained. Kite is next year’s President, and has many visions for what is to come. She hopes to pair up with NHS and work on some service projects together, and open them up to the entire student body.  “We want to get the school involved,” Kite said.

She and next year’s Communications Director, Junior TJ Buchanan, described the new “mentoring system” that will launch next year. In it, officers and upperclassmen will be grouped with various members to ensure that people have rides and guidance.

“[It will] build up responsibility and dependability,” Kite said.

Buchanan likes the idea because it will help build relationships and make people less nervous.

“It’s easier to volunteer for events cause it’s better if you have a whole group going that you know,” Buchanan said.

Other things to look forward to in Stuco include rewriting its constitution and adding service projects such as animal shelters.

Among Kite and Buchanan, the new officers include juniors Haley Clark (Vice President), Beth Weirich (Social Media), and freshman Will James (Project Manager). James will be the only underclassman serving as an officer next year.

Buchanan has faith in James in his position. He was president of Stuco while attending Bryan Middle School, so Buchanan feels James has qualification.

“He’s got the responsibility and the time that he can put into it,” Buchanan said. “I think he’s gonna do just perfectly well.”

James is excited to take on his new position, and he feels that having leaders of all ages will help bring new ideas to the table.

“I’m really excited to learn the ropes from my older peers, and [I] see my position as a great way to start my leadership career in Stuco and at FHC,” James said. He also encourages students to consider joining next year, even if they know nothing about it.

“We have a lot of great plans, and the more people that come to our events, the better!” James said.