Boy’s Soccer hard work results in a 4-0 win

The Boy’s soccer team won their first home game

Elisa Swanson

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May 17, 2017

The boys soccer team hosted the Fort Zumwalt South Bulldogs for the first home game of the season Friday night, bringing in the team’s first victory with a 4-0 score. Junior midfielder CJ Brown scored the first two Spartan goals in the first half. In the second half, sophomore midfielder Kurtis Ralston and sophomore forward Caleb Mundel each scored one goal. Junior goalkeeper Nathan Smith left the game with a shutout.


CJ Brown’s first goal with 37:09 left in the first half was assisted by senior midfielder Kyle Setchfield, the second with 11:00 left was off a cross from senior left midfielder Cameron Webb. The first half ended in a 2-0 score.


After a Bulldog injury with 12:22 left in the second half, and a few goal attempts on both sides, Walston was assisted by Setchfield with goal at 2:48 left and Caleb Mundel scored off an assist from Jared Sanford with a minute left in the game.


According to head coach, Derek Phillips, this game was not won with luck, but hard work and a team effort.


“For it being our second game, I think we had a really strong performance. We worked really hard and obviously the result ended up in our favor,” Coach Phillips said, “It was a total team effort. This was a good one to build off of.”


Webb, as a player, agreed the team won with hard work and saw this game as a time to find where he fit with the team.


“Lately I haven’t been really been showing my presence on the team, but I think tonight I kind of showed what my place can do,” Webb said, “I think we, as a team, outworked them, our fitness was really great as well as, as a team moving the ball.”


The team’s record is currently 1-1 and they host the Troy Buchanan Trojans on Sept. 1st at 6 p.m.