Art Club puts its talents towards charity

With a melody of different art kids, Art Club has taken on its new project of creating a t-shirt in tribute of Leap Day.

“Every year we get together and try to decide a day we could make a t-shirt for. Usually we go for a less-known or understated day, and Leap Day worked out perfectly for this year” said Art Club Sponsor Amy Roesslein.

In order to decide on its design, members who have ideas will design their own shirt and present it to the rest of the club for people to vote on.

“It’s a majority rule kind of thing. The best design wins, and once we decide we get right into production,” said Roesslein.

Art Club members will be creating the shirts on their own instead of sending them out to be made. With print making techniques, they can use ink and screens to transfer the winning design onto the fabric.

Roesslein estimates the shirt to be sold for eight dollars, and if a student brings in a dog toy or can of food, they will get a discount on the shirt.

“All profits will go towards either St. Jude’s or an animal shelter. So, when students bring in items to be donated, they can get a dollar off or something when they buy the shirt. Whichever charity we chose, I’m sure they’ll be one who really deserves, and needs, the profits,” said Roesslein.