Band’s elite prepare for future auditions

On Sunday, Nov. 20 at 1 p.m., all of the students who had the privilege of being included in the Metro 8 District Competition had their concert. The list of such students includes: seniors Elliot Russo and Jazmyn Burnitt-Erp; juniors Matt Cochran, David Aubuchon, Dominic Bianchi, and Amy Sweeney; and sophmores Martina Meng and Jacob Ficht.

“Everyone did an amazing job,” said Band Director Nathan Griffin. “All of these students represented us well.”

The concert was held on the campus of Chaminade High School, in the new performing arts center.

The same students are also going to be participating in an audition for the all-state Honor Band on Saturday, Dec. 3.

“The students who will be participating in the all-state auditions are the students who made the Metro 8 District Band either as a performer or an alternate,” said Griffin. “They will be going to Columbia, MO in a couple of weeks to audition.”