Literary magazine shares students voice

The Perihelion, FHC publication’s student made literary magazine will be 32 pages of students many works (poetry, art, short stories, etc.). Junior Kelci Davis, Maddie Wilson, senior Rebecca Vadalabene, and adviser Matthew Schott are in charge of the Perihelion.

“Like the publications, we are just trying to showcase work that the school can be appreciative of,” Schott said. Davis is excited about the work that she will be doing in the perihelion.

“I like being able to use a more creative sense of design and writing that I don’t normally get to use in publications,” Davis said.

Vadalabene has been apart of the Perihelion for the past three years and is excited more than ever for this years issue.

“During my sophomore year when it went out, it wasn’t as well organized as it could have been, and last year, it wasn’t able to go out,” Vadalabene said. “This year, though what we have planned for it with all the help from the art and creative writing classes, it’s going to be a more cohesive magazine that I think a lot more people will be interested in.”

Students can look for the magazine when it will be published in April.