Tennis recognizes its seniors

The girls look forward to their future as the tennis season comes to an end.


Stacey Zika

Senior Abby Conoyer serves the ball in a singles match.

The girls tennis season comes to a close with the possibility of making it to state. The are ending a successful season, with two new coaches, and many new memories. As the season is ending, the girls had many thoughts about this year and the seniors they will lose.

When seniors leave, other teammates get a chance to reflect on how they influenced the season. In just one season, Abby made an impact on freshman Brynlee Hendricks. For Hendricks, Conoyer was a true leader, someone who made staying with tennis easier.

“She was always someone that I really looked up to. She was a really good captain and she really inspired us,” Hendricks said. “One time I had a really bad match and I was crying and she came over and talked to me and really helped me, so it’s going to be hard losing someone like her, but I’m hoping we’ll have more people like that in the future.”

Junior Maddie Gunnell was senior Abby Conoyer’s doubles partner. With someone that she worked with so often leaving the team, she has to adapt.

“I’m really upset that Abby is leaving because this is the second year where I’ve had my senior friends leave me, but I mean she has to go to college, so…” Gunnell said.

For their last match, the tennis courts were plastered with decorative posters, all congratulating seniors Abby Conoyer and Jillian Eckhoff on the end of their season and sending them off to college.

For the captain Conoyer, the season was a memorable one. Her last four years of tennis wrapped up perfectly, however, her season is not over. She hopes to go on and make a state run with her number one doubles partner, Maddie Gunnell.

“Everyone did really well, there was a significant improvement, we were fortunate enough to have two new great coaches, and they made this season a lot of fun. I wouldn’t want to spend my senior season with anyone else,” Conoyer said in response to her season coming to an end. Conoyer has spent all four years at FHC on the girl’s tennis team.

“I hope to play in college, but if that doesn’t happen I’m glad I spent my last season with you guys.”Conoyer said when asked about the future.