Freshman down sophomores in powderpuff game

Single touchdown gives class of 2019 victory


Sophomore Payton Frick runs down her team’s sidelines to rile everyone up for the Freshman vs. Sophomore powderpuff game at Francis Howell Central on Sept. 24. She wanted to get everyone the mood to play and raise the morale of the team.

Francis Howell Central freshmen defeated the sophomores 7-0 in the annual powderpuff game on Sept. 24. The freshmen scored a touchdown in the middle  of the second half, making them victorious.

Sophomore Ashley Roland, one of the corners said the team played well despite what the score reflects. The coaches did a great job, it was just difficult to get so many people organized and on the same page.

“The coaches were trying their hardest, it was just very hard to get organized with that many people on the team. I didn’t think of it as that hard of a loss though, it was just really fun to be there and play. It was more for fun for me. The freshmen team surprised us, they were pretty good, I thought we were pretty good too, even though the score didn’t show that,” Roland said.