Freshmen party builds Spartan spirit

Party before freshman football game sought to increase spirit in class of 2019


Freshmen Olivia Convery plays frisbee in the lunch/party area at FHC after school on September 18. At the freshmen party kids had the option the throw a ball around, play a sack-into-hole game, or toss around a frisbee.

The freshmen party hosted by Angie Syron, Wendy Ahearn, and some of the senior mentors at Francis Howell Central on Sept. 18 after school before the freshmen football game. This party was for preparing the students for the rest of their year at FHC.

Many freshmen attended the party, showing school spirit. Everyone was relaxing, listening to music, playing a few sports, and eating hotdogs and chips; a raffle went off about every 15 minutes.

“It was okay,” said Olivia Convery. In response, Devin Draper replied ,”I had a lot of fun.”