Never regret anything

I have no idea what to say, I know I should just start and eventually I’ll ramble enough to get a real topic. Well readers, you’re about to experience the randomness that is my thought process.

My birthday is next week. I’m going to be 18, I’ve never been so excited for a birthday in my entire life. I’m getting a tattoo. It’s going to be beautiful. My parents said if I get it they’re going to kick me out; they still have the idea that only sailors and promiscuous ladies get tattoos.

To quote my lovely father, “You can get it if you join the navy. Otherwise you should be getting a much higher income.” He’s so nice. I don’t really care if they want me to get it or not, it’s my body and the tattoo has a lot of meaning for me. I won’t ever regret it. I live my life by one rule, don’t ever regret anything you’ve done, because at one point it was everything you ever wanted. It’s easier said than done, but I think it’s a good way to live. It’s not like I’m getting a random tattoo, like a hot dog on my left butt cheek, my tattoos all have a huge meaning. All of them will be reminders not to give up. I’m just sick of people telling me that I’m going to regret getting the tattoo when I’m old. It’s not like I’m gonna be the only person ever to get a tattoo. I don’t care. I want it now, I’ll always want it.

Anyways, my parents won’t kick me out. They might complain about it, but I’m their only chance at having a successful child, with or without a tattoo. It’s in a place that makes it somewhat easy to hide, and they make really good make-up to cover it. If I ever want to cover it. I don’t know why, but my parents think I should be ashamed of everything about myself, that isn’t considered normal. As much as I don’t like myself, I’m still not going to hide who I am. I am who I am, and if you don’t like me, you can leave the building. Maybe the country? I haven’t decided. Considering the fact that I’m forever alone, it would be a pretty small country. It might be easier to just take the people that I like and move them to an average sized island.

But, I digress. I’m getting my tattoo at [censored] and the guy who is doing it, Chip, is amazing. I am in love with him. I think that sense I’ve always been really mature because of Jayden, so I’m attracted to older guys. Either way, I love him. Time for a hash tag? #thatawkwardmoment when you confess your love for someone to your dad, and he doesn’t even notice. At least he’s agreed to not be bitter, and come into the place with me and meet Chip. It’s going to be a Crazy Good birthday.