Art Club finalizes T-shirt design, leaps into new year

On Thursday, Jan. 19 Art Club met in club sponsor Mrs. Amy Roesslein’s room to finalize its design for the Leap Year Day T-shirts.

The T-shirts will be light blue, with green text on them and will say “Leapin’ into Leap Year 2012” with a frog on them. The shirts were designed primarily by Mrs. Roesslein with a mixture of submissions made by club members.

“We created the design ourselves,” Mrs. Roesslein said. “We aren’t getting the T-shirts made anywhere though, but we are making them ourselves with screens in the printmaking room.”

T-shirts can be bought during lunches Feb. 1-3 for $8. Students and teachers can pay whenever they order them. Art Club will deliver the shirts before Leap Day.

All proceeds from the T-shirts will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and, if the club raises enough money, they will also donate money to a no kill Animal Shelter.

“We sell shirts every year because it’s good way to raise money. We have found this out through past shirt sales,” Mrs. Roesslein said. “We’ve made T-shirts with different themes such as April’s Fools, Arbor Day and Spartans.”