Seniors work hard to succeed at All-State

With the week slowly starting, choir is preparing to leave this Wed. afternoon, Jan. 25, for the Missouri Music Education Association National Conference, where All-State is set to take place. They will return after three nights on Sat. afternoon. Seniors Melissa Mossinghoff, Margaret Borgmeyer, and Anna Gingrich have had two official, local All-State rehearsals so far.

“They have been working diligently,” said Director Elisabeth Baird. “This past month they have been practicing alone and with groups to make it the best they can.”

At the local practices Mossinghoff, Borgmeyer and Gingrich have combined with other choir students in the area in order to learn their parts before they get to the actual performances.

Wed. night they will have their first rehearsal as a whole group. They will work as a large group, and in sections for eight hours a day on Thurs. and Fri. The only breaks they will get will small breaks and time for meals, but that is the only down time they will have. According to Baird, all of the time spent practicing will make for an amazing concert.